About X

OUTFIT-X(X) was founded back in 1997 by leader TwistaX in a game called Starsiege: Tribes which is considered to be one of the top 10 games ahead of its time.  Tribes was an action packed, high speed game and excelled as a first person CTF style shooter.  Back then the name of the team was TRIBE-X.  TRIBE-X was involved in some of the worlds first competitive leage ladders for Tribes during the introductory stages of competitive eSports.

As time progressed, gaming and technology pushed forward, so did the X.  We have contributed and showed our skills and legendary team-work in many FPS game titles since the 90s, always representing the X as a team and family.  When Planetside 1 was released, this was our calling.  We formed our ranks with X veterans and found new X members in PS1 and lead a very successful campaign against our enemies.  OUTFIT-X is known for its leadership as well as for its organized tactics and responsiveness to different situations that arise within Planetside and any game we play.  Planetside 1 and 2 have really allowed the X to show its strengths and has allowed us to develope as players and as a family.

All members of X take pride in what we do, respect each other and most of all - we have fun.

Game Titles:

  • Starsiege
  • Starsiege:Tribes
  • Quake (all early versions)
  • Mech Warrior(many versions)
  • Call of Duty(many versions)
  • Battlefield(many versions)
  • Planetside 1
  • Planetside 2
  • Squad